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With available SYNC® AppLink™, you can use your voice to control a variety of mobile apps in your vehicle. Scout™ by Telenav®, available for Android™ devices, is an app that gives you turn-by-turn directions, as well as real-time information on traffic, weather, commute drive times, gas prices, and more to find out if Scout is available for your mobile device, check your app store.12,33,53

Please note: SYNC AppLink is available on select models and compatible with select smartphone platforms. SYNC AppLink is not compatible with MyLincoln Touch. Commands may vary by phone and SYNC AppLink software.

Scout App Upgrade News

Telenav has released a new version of the Scout app for Android.  If you choose to upgrade, your ability to connect with AppLink will be affected.  If you choose not to upgrade, you will still be able to use Scout for Applink without any change in service.

Telenav Customer Service reps will be calling each Scout for Applink customer individually to discuss user options and the upgrade's effects (if applicable).

Before You Start

Before getting started, make sure you are using a SYNC AppLink-compatible device that supports the Scout app. Scout works with SYNC AppLink and your Android device.

Once you've confirmed that your device is compatible with SYNC AppLink and Scout, follow these steps:

1. Familiarize yourself with the controls in your vehicle.

2. Download Scout from your phone's app store.*

3. Launch Scout on your mobile device.

4. Turn on your vehicle's ignition and make sure your phone is paired with SYNC.

*Refer to the terms and conditions of use of the app provider for more information on how your data is used.


1. Press Voice and say, "Mobile applications."
SYNC responds with "Mobile applications, please say a command."

2. Say, "Scout."

To start using Scout, press Voice and say any of the following commands:


Voice Command

Search for nearby restaurants "Restaurant"
Search for nearby parking lots or garages "Parking"
Search for nearby gas stations "Gas"
Search for nearby coffee shops "Coffee"
Search for nearby grocery stores "Grocery"
Search for nearby lodging "Hotel"
Search for nearby stores "Shopping"
Search for nearby ATMs
Get driving directions to your home or work address from your current location
"Drive to Home" or "Drive to Work"
Hear your first three favorite destinations and see them displayed on the SYNC screen
"My Places"
Hear your first three recent destinations and see them displayed on the SYNC screen
Get the ETA from your current location to your home or work; you can then request driving directions, if desired
"Commute to Home" or "Commute to Work"
Hear a list of valid Scout commands
Return to the previous SYNC menu option
"Go Back"
End current navigation session "Cancel Route"
Exit application "Exit"


After giving a voice command while Scout is connected to SYNC, you can press a radio control to perform either of the following actions:


Manual Control

Hear SYNC say next set of results Press Seek Forward (>>|)
Hear SYNC say previous set of results Press Seek Backward (|<<)


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